More than just a furniture company.


Terra Amico is more than just a furniture company – it's a family. Founded in 2010 by certified green builder Joe, and his wife Lisa, Terra Amico revolves around the idea of long term sustainability. It aims to preserve the materials in existence by granting them a new life and a new purpose.

In 2009, owners Joe & Lisa had been successfully working in construction when the economy took a turn. Out of necessity, Joe decided to build the first Terra Amico table. Within minutes of listing the table online, there were countless responses from people who wanted that table—thus, Terra Amico was born.

Forged from the depths of preserved history, creativity and ingenuity, Terra Amico is now one of the largest reclaimed wood furniture manufacturers in the state of California. The company has artfully handcrafted custom furnishings for hundreds of clients. From homes, to restaurants, to offices and retail stores, Terra Amico furniture is present at many locations across the country.

We are a team of almost 40 people, who are passionate about what we do, and thankful for the opportunity to do what we love. In addition to fabricating unique statement pieces of furniture, we are proud to be teaching the art of woodworking to the next generation. All of our children have worked with us, as well as most of their friends. We are fortunate to be able to see our passion for creating and repurposing handed down as the torch is passed to the next generation.


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Residential furniture solutions

From bathroom vanities, beds, dressers, dining tables, sideboards, media consoles, nightstands, to barn doors and wall cladding, Terra Amico has your back. All custom, handcrafted, solid wood and steel furnishings. Let your home speak for itself.

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commercial use furniture

Whether it’s dining tables, bartops, table bases, wall cladding, chef’s tables, or statement pieces, Terra Amico can do it all. Achieve a high end atmosphere with solid wood table tops. No more off the shelf table bases or veneer table tops. It’s the details that make the difference, and it’s time to own your identity.

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Furniture for the office

Differentiate your work space by making it high end and unique. The quality of the furniture in your office should speak to the quality of your work. Host meetings around a unique live edge slab conference table, collaborate with coworkers around a joined plank communal work surface, start and finish every work day at a Terra Amico desk.

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furniture that sells product

Your product may sell itself, but is it doing so in style? Terra Amico fixtures will up your sales game significantly. Your product backed by our craftsmanship—it’s a match made in heaven. Product displays, tables, cash wrap counters, wall cladding and even shelving. The possibilities are endless.

Custom Made. Hand-Crafted. Sustainable Materials, Your Design.


At Terra Amico, we believe a quality piece of furniture should be an heirloom passed down for generations to come. This promise shows in the quality of our craftsmanship. What makes our work so special is the artistry. We don’t build furniture, we design amazing pieces of art for your home or business. Each piece has a history and a story to tell. Our artistry evolves from a vision. Sustainably sourced materials

Terra Amico means "Earth Friend" in Italian. It is our passion to create beautiful furniture while treating the Earth with the respect and dignity it deserves.