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Pressing Flowers at Warp Speed - Free Drop In and Create

Have you ever wanted to press a most special flower of yours and placed the little gem under your grandmother’s old, twenty-pound dictionary for months and months only to find that you had forgotten all about it until you needed to look up the word “omnipresent”, and then… voila, you spotted your forgotten flora and that ubiquitous, universal, infinite, boundless, predominant, wide-ranging, and far-reaching  feeling of joy tickled you from head to toe. Your special flower found and fully pressed as finely as a starched linen shirt.

We have found a way to accelerate the pressing of flowers from the months and months down to a thirty second or so time frame.  

If you have a special LITTLE flower you would like to press come on over and we will share our technique with you.  We will supply everything including a few flower choices (if you are without a flower), and a couple ideas of what you can do with your delicate beauty.  The workshop is intended to show this easy technique, and you will get one session (could be around four flowers), and then continue what you learned in the comfort of your own home.

Anyone under the age of fourteen MUST HAVE A PARENT OR TWO PRESENT and PARTICIPATING with their child.