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Screen Printing - $125

Everything you would want to know about screenprinting  will be covered in this workshop from image choice to getting it printed… registration, coating screens with emulsion, burning screens,  other alternatives to photo emulsion for making stencil, mesh count, squeegee choice, different inks, uses of screen printing, outputting image on film for burning screen,  aluminum versus wooden frames, EVERYTHING!

There will be handouts for you to take with you and refer to, and those in addition to taking the class should be enough for you to get jump started and pursue your screenprinting life on your own.  

A week prior to the class I will need a clean high resolution jpeg or tiff or vectored illustrator file sent to me, so I may output the film and burn a screen for you to have here ready to go on the workshop date.  This way everyone will be able to print something that interests them. The image needs to be no bigger than 12 inches wide and no taller than 15 inches. If you are interested in this workshop and sign up I will give you more details and answer any questions you may have prior to the class.

Space is limited to around five students.

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