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Make a Pine Lidded Box with Bernie Ross - $75

Make a simple dowel-joined wooden box using a variety of hand tools and techniques. You will learn old-method ways to saw, bore, plane, and nail to make your own sugar pine box. You will even learn how to make your own dowels to use as the pins to hold the sides of your box together. The egg-beater hand drill, bit brace, miter saw, and hand plane are a few of the hand tools you will learn to use.

Bernie is an exceptional wood worker, specializing in the old, original ways of creating all kinds of things from wood. It would be very difficult to find anyone more knowledgeable about the history of ANYTHING related to woodworking. You will definitely learn more than you could imagine and have a fun time in this class.

This class is geared for adults, but children 11 years or older with a parent to help them, are welcome.

All materials are included in the cost. $75.

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