Photo Processing - Gum Bichromate

You will learn the alternative photo process of gum bichromate, one of the first photo processes dating back to the 19th century.

You will learn how to mix an emulsion of watercolor pigment, potassium dichromate and gum Arabic which you will then apply to watercolor paper (Rives BFK), contact a negative on top, and expose to UV light. The prints are tricky, yet beautiful.

We will be creating one-color prints in this class.

Since this is a contact printing process, a negative the size of the final print is required. We will cover a simple method to make enlarged negatives from digital files that students will then print in class. 

The cost for this class is $150.  Please use the RSVP form below as class size will be limited due to the intense hands on nature of the instruction provided. 

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