Our state of the art design studio.

The Studio is whimsical place where past, present, and future all meet at one location. Here you’ll find antiquities that tell the story of yesteryear, repurposed materials that have gone on to live another life, and the promise of a more sustainable future.



Our regularly held design hours offer the perfect opportunity to come meet with our team to design your new custom hand-crafted piece of furniture. To schedule an appointment, please email our Project Manager Trevor at Trevor@TerraAmico.com


Showcase of our work

The Studio serves as our retail storefront—but it’s not just a store, it’s a destination. The Studio is located in the Midtown Arts Mercantile in Midtown, San Jose. The Mercantile is a venue that pays tribute to the local arts scene in San Jose. From craft beer brewed on site, to beautiful hand crafted flower bouquets, to crystal clear craft ice, the Mercantile has it all.


dedicated to the arts

While the Studio is meant to showcase our work, and the endless fabrication possibilities we possess, it’s also a place to learn and teach. We host workshops every Wednesday afternoon, and every Saturday afternoon. Come and learn how to carve a wooden spoon, or make your own stamp from linoleum block with our resident artist Jen and other local craftsmen.