Wood Working

To work with wood is to work with nature. To work with nature is simply intoxicating. As you transform wood into art, it transforms you. Even when you’re doing something as menial as sanding away flaking paint off an old abandoned board, you feel connected. You can see, with every jagged paper stroke, a revelation of beauty. You uncover the uniquely swirling lines of grain—mother nature’s fingerprint. In that moment, that brief and minuscule moment, you’re lost in it. You’ve abandoned the world around you and given yourself to it as it has given itself to you.

There is no greater feeling than seeing your creation come to fruition, no matter how basic or complex it is. There is a sense of accomplishment. You get to see it, feel it, even smell it (and taste it if you’re not careful). You can run your hands over it and experience something tangible, something that will last for years to come. 

To cut, nail, screw, drill, slice, sand, and build is to simplify. Working with wood retracts you from the fast pace modern world of today and takes you back to yesterday. A time when things made sense. A time that wasn’t building websites, but building homes, small towns, local stores. A time when people weren’t writing code, but writing out plans for architectural masterpieces. A time that didn’t overcomplicate things for the sake of it. It worked hard and did what it needed to do to survive and be content. That’s what wood working brings you—a wave of calm from a time lost in time.

There is truly nothing greater or more rewarding.