The Terra Amico Metal Shop

The metal shop is scary—mind you that’s coming from a woodworker (who one day would like to become a welder). With what little time I’ve spent popping in and out of the metal shop we have here at Terra Amico, I’ve learned one thing—metal work is a completely different beast. Sparks are flying! Metal screeching against metal, whining! The men wear heavy duty masks that borderline look like serial killing equipment. Horrifying!

Wood is tough, but forgiving. It’s much more pliable than metal. Wood feels good, smells good, and works with you. Metal is the opposite. When you weld or burn it, it smells terrible. You have to work it to bend it, to cut it, to do anything with it! It fights you. It battles every movement you make to fit a certain way. The cuts and the welds have to be exact, where as wood is compliant. You can work it down to make it fit. Metal is absolute.

That’s why I have major respect for our iron workers that, day in and day out, turn out amazing pieces of functional art. Before getting into this beautiful job of woodworking, I thought welding and metal work was a cinch—not the case. I took a shot at welding. You can’t see, it’s hot, makes loud noises, and overall it’s a terrifying experience.

Terra Amico takes pride in being one of the view woodworking companies that has their own metal shop on site that works so closely with our wood shop. I personally take pride in the fact that these guys do what they do. It’s hard work that they make look easy. Major respect to all welders (but more specifically to our welders!)