The Design Studio

Why have a website entitled Studio if we don’t talk about the progression of the grand opening of our Design Studio in Willow Glen?  With all the excitement and preparation and work and trials and tribulations and man-power (and… and… and…), we still don’t have an opening date.  But! we do promise it will be more than worth the wait.

Expanding into this new arena has not been without its obstacles – some of our own making. We have been tripped up more than once, falling a bit behind schedule. The main reason is, like everything else we do here at Terra Amico, we want it to be absolutely perfect. And because we whole-heartedly believe in the idea of a strong community, we are also helping out with the fabrication of furnishings and fixtures for the entire complex including some truly unique rolling barn doors for each of our neighbors.   We’ve even been asked to help with the exterior façade of the building including planters and reclaimed wood wall panels that add zing and pop to Midtown.

We are bringing in piece after piece of furniture and art to reveal the true nature of what we do in a fresh new location. At the same time, we are gathering up local artists, wood workers, and people wanting to learn the craft of what we and others like us do. The Studio to us isn’t just for the retail world, it is going to be an extension of ourselves. We refuse to sit there, stagnant, waiting like so many dormant businesses do with a sole intention of making money as their driving force. No—we want to bring something new to the table (get it? We make tables). We want to create and in the process inspire and teach others to create. We want a world that thinks with their hearts and minds instead of with their wallets. We are not a business, we are a family.

And like family, we are not always on time—but we’ll be open soon!