How and Why to Repurpose

The best way to describe today’s world is to call it a disposable world because we use everything from bottles to ice-cream cups and then throw it away. The concept of recycling, repurposing or reusing has long been forgotten. We all have a lot of things and materials that are lying in the garage or the storeroom since ages because they are no longer of any use. However, getting rid of such things is very difficult firstly, because you think they might come handy sometime in future and secondly because you cannot simply throw it away. This discarded stuff may include broken or worn out chairs, old dressing tables, wooden tables, ladders or various boxes.

Advantages of Reusing and Repurposing

Repurposing and reusing old things is more advantageous than you might think. Here are a few reasons that make such practices worth trying:

1.    Saves a lot of money

If you use your old and worn out furniture or other items to create new furniture or something more useful, then it saves you a lot of costs. You can save the costs incurred both on raw materials as well as labor because you mostly do the reusing by yourself.

2.    Helps make storage space

All the discarded stuff in your garage takes up so much of the useful space where you can easily store your garden tools and other instruments. So by utilizing these items, you can conveniently free that space so you have additional storage space. Furthermore, recycling helps you produce products like shelves and drawers which also provide you with extra storage space. Thus, reusing the old items is very useful for increasing storage space in your house.

3.    Environmental Uses

By reusing the wasted materials helps reduce the amount if waste discarded which helps keep the environment clean and healthy. Thus, it is a very beneficial help that helps reduce land pollution. It helps save energy as lesser energy is needed to put the old items to use instead of producing something from scratch which means energy is conserved which not only helps are present generations but also the future generations that are yet to come. When products are produced in a factory, it emits greenhouse gasses that have contributed to global warming which is hitting the world we live in, really hard. By reusing the old materials we can greatly lower down the rate of greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, the environment around us can be saved by the adoption of just one simple step called repurposing.   

4.    Help Others in Need

You can contribute such worn-out, useless and old items to different centers that can use these materials to make newer and useful items that can be used by the less privileged classes who cannot afford to buy newer items. Thus, you become a more responsible member of the society by helping others in need this way.

Useful and Creative Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Various Products

After acknowledging the various benefits of repurposing and reusing goods that you have thrown away in the garage or elsewhere, you need some really useful tips to help you reuse the stuff in a very creative and unique manner. Here are some very useful ideas that can help you recycle wood products because wood is an expensive material and by reusing old things to make a new one, you can actually increase your savings:

1.    Using a Ladder to make a Book Shelf

If you are interested in having an amazing bookshelf in your house, then the best way to do so is to utilize an old and useless wooden ladder to make one. The ladder can be painted to give it a shinier and newer look. Then you can fix the ladder into the wall of your study room and place books on it vertically. You can place all kinds of books whether they are thin or thick and the ladders different rungs will easily support them. If the ladder is too long you can cut it to adjust it on two different walls.

2.    Restoring a Wooden Table

A good wooden table never becomes useless until and unless you discard it. If it looks shabby with chipped off paint or broken legs, you can always restore it with few simple steps. You can first mend the broken legs and then scratch off the old paint with a scrub. Then smoothen the rough surface of the table and apply different coatings of paint. Let it dry in the sun for few hours and then it is again ready for use. You can use it in whatever way you like for example a picnic table in the garden for hosting barbecues and outdoor dinners.

3.    Chairs to be used as Closets

Don’t have enough space in the cupboards? Recently got married and your wife took over the entire closet? In both the cases, the discarded chairs can easily help you.  You can pierce a hole in the back of the chair and hang it there with the help of a strong support. These chairs can be used as an alternative for your closets as you can put your jeans, shorts, and other folded items on the seat whereas you can hang your shirts and coats from the arm rests. You can also add an additional shelf at the bottom of the chair to increase storage space.

4.    Cabinet Doors to Make Kitchen or Bathroom Shelves

Has the cabinet door just fallen off? You can simply use the door to make a shelf by sticking it to the wall horizontally. You can paint these doors into funky colors and use them to put the different jars in the kitchen and if you want to use them in the bathroom, then you can easily use them to put your shampoos, conditioners or face washes. Thus, these cabinet door shelves can be used for multiple purposes.


Thus, you can think of millions of unique ideas to repurpose or reuse the old stuff that you deem useless. This will have a positive impact not only on your pocket and the décor of your house but also helps preserve the environment around you.