Our Story

As we have often been reminded, adversity often brings about unexpected gifts. That was certainly the case for Terra Amico. 

In 2009, we had been successfully working in construction when the economy really tanked. We were out of work for nearly 4 months when Lisa found a job to help support the family. Joe started looking at the pile of wood in the backyard that he had saved from years of work. 

One day he started picking through the wood and built a really pretty dining table from some of it. We decided to list it on Craigslist and try to sell it. Within minutes of listing it, we had more than 50 responses of people who wanted the table. 

Terra Amico was born!

Since that time, Terra Amico has artfully handcrafted custom furnishings for hundreds of clients. Not only have we been able to delight clients with our finished goods, we are proud to be teaching the art of woodworking to the next generation. Our crew has grown close to 40 people—all of them our family and extended family. All of our children have worked with us, as well as most of their friends. It is amazing to see their passion for creating and repurposing our beautiful natural resources.


                               Joe, the mastermind behind Terra Amico

                              Joe, the mastermind behind Terra Amico

Success is being happy and passionate about what you do
— Joe Raineri, Owner & Chief Creator at Terra Amico