Works of Art

Wood and metal lend themselves to the industrial side of manufacturing. They have been, and always will be the fundamental building blocks of furniture, architecture, bridges—anything. But they are rarely recognized as a potential piece of art. Painting, drawing, sculpting—these are revered as the main medians of art. What we want people to know is—wood is beautiful, even before the intervention of man. It is one of natures many visual gifts. Whether freshly cut or decaying from the inside out, wood is exquisite, elegant even. The shapes of it, the lines, the textures, the unsullied, or the warped, it is a masterpiece created by hands that are greater than man’s—mother nature’s. Now, metal—that is cold and harsh. It is not seen as captivating or alluring, but detached and impartial. That is until you melt it down, bend it, mold it, and morph it into something like a city skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge, or a dazzling chandelier that not only functionally lightens the world around it, but illuminates its own grandeur. The possibilities of new and exciting ways to make something uniquely beautiful out of something people don’t associate with the word art, only drives our passion further here at Terra Amico.

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