Barn Doors and Wood Wall Cladding

A door is a door—is a door. It sits in a frame and has a handle. You walk through it. If you’re a gentleman you hold it open for a lady. You don’t think about it, and rightfully so. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to think about bland boring doors. But what if it wasn’t bland or boring? What if it was the beginning to a grand reception? What if it spoke volumes of who you are and what you do even before someone has the chance to walk through the threshold between them and the world you are inviting them into? A barn door has endless potential to express just exactly who you are, whether it’s for a business, a home, a bedroom, or… an actual barn. It provides personality in a place once overlooked as a prospective site to display character—your character. Here at Terra Amico we acknowledge that this look is rapidly growing in popularity. What we understand even further is the importance of being unique—to stand out. That’s why, with our distinct wood cladding style we create one of kind pieces of art that make an already unique look even more, you.